Becoming Literate in the Process of Awakening

Becoming Literate in the Process of Awakening presents a practice model that combines synergetic Yogacara Buddhism with Metaphor Awareness, an adaptation of David Grove’s groundbreaking psycho-linguistic Metaphor Therapy. Both Yogacara and Metaphor Awareness teach a means of transformation of consciousness based on accessing and employing intuitive information uncontaminated by interpretation by either the teacher/therapist or their disciple/client. The blended model offers creative means of understanding and fulfilling the process of awakening


In the past, the Buddha Dharma has been changed many times by its encounters with various cultures. However, even though the forms may have radically changed, the essential teaching was preserved. A prime example of this is the adaptation of Indian forms of Buddhism, and the Ch’an methods developed during the creative T’ang dynasty in China. Presently, we are fortunate in the West that most schools of Buddhism are represented in an unprecedented fashion. More than likely, one can find a center or temple in the United States for any form of Buddhism now practiced in the world. Nevertheless, Buddhist principles call for cultivation of imaginative activity to mold its practice forms to Western ethos.

Since the mid twentieth century, Zen Buddhist teaching methods have been evolving by necessity as Westerners took up its practice. The twentieth century pioneer missionary monks brought their knowledge and energy to bear as they sought for resourceful ways to overcome the intellectual, linguistic, and cultural barriers between East and West. This book attempts to build on their efforts to clarify the basic concepts and experience, and to provide an inclusive means to adapt the teaching forms into our culture of college, family life, scientific education, and corporate employment. These new forms of study require increased flexibility in order to capture and cultivate the dynamic process of Zen Buddhist awakening for primarily lay practitioners within their fast paced lives.