Becoming Literate in the Process of Awakening

Becoming Literate in the Process of Awakening presents a practice model that combines synergetic Yogacara Buddhism with the Resolution Sequence, an adaptation of David Grove’s groundbreaking psycho-linguistic Metaphor Therapy. Both Yogacara and the Resolution Sequence teach a means of transformation of consciousness based on accessing and employing intuitive information uncontaminated by interpretation by either the teacher or disciple. This blended model of the teachings of the sutras, inferential thought, and the direct perception of Zen Mediation offers creative means to understand and fulfill the process of awakening.


Mathematics benefited in at least five major ways by jettisoning rhetorical definitions, while simultaneously accepting and cultivating the use of symbols in their place.

  • Simplification of the problem statement
  • Facilitation of problem solving
  • Provision of a basis for continuous innovative change
  • Creation of symbolic forms to inspire and refine ideas
  • Expansion of the ability to communicate knowledge and learning

This list of benefits shows how symbolization improved mathematics. Most people agree that mathematics grew from an arcane endeavor into a universal force penetrating all of science and much of world culture. The universal use of symbols in mathematics supplies a powerful means to simplify mathematical education. In addition, it offers a coherent language that supports communication and collaboration within scientific research. Before symbols gained pervasive authority in mathematics, it was a subject of great interest for a few; afterward it became a discipline of great power for many. Can symbolizing Buddhist teachings have similar effects on Sangha development? Could symbols simplify and facilitate the study of the Zen awakening process, removing the notion that awakening is only possible for monks and specialists who are able to dedicate their lives to its pursuit? Can symbolic notation that graphically depicts the existential process of awakening come to be as technically and intellectually effective in Buddhism as symbols are in mathematics?

The most powerful feature of symbolic notation is opening a way to a common mental outlook. Symbols connect life’s well-known and commonplace components, and they establish connections. In the objective world, solving an equation directs us to the desired unknown; in the inner world, mathematician’s use of symbol connects them with the limitless internal space of opportunity, ideas, and creative imagery. The five ways that mathematics benefited by switching from verbal descriptions to symbolic notation offer similar improvements to Zen study.