Lost Time

The purpose of poetry is to invite the reader into a new perspective of the world, one beyond their usual frames of reference. Good poets provide paths to quick and powerful learning, emotionally charged, and filled with promise of continual positive change. New and intriguing modes of experience open up new paths to vigorous insights.

Zen Buddhist poetry follows similar methods, but challenges the reader all the more because of its conscious intent on exposing thusness: seeing reality as just it is, the awareness of the commonality of Buddha nature.

Kyugen’s poetic inspiration came to him in his elderhood where mature experience combined with his innate talents. His offerings explore the many sides in which we approach the truth. There are many of us who attempt to teach with talks, essays, and books. There are precious few Zen poets, the ones we need the most, those who can pick the lock of our entrapment, open our imagination, and deliver us to freedom. In Lost Time we have the opportunity to lose our past, present, and future, and thereby uncover eternity.


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